Heritage and Tradition
The story of Vicla Parquet began to take shape in 1938, when the founding family had a visionary revelation.
Experience and Dedication
The vision of taking wood to the next level was strengthened by the establishment of Vicla in Romania in 1997.
Depth and Actuality
The grandeur of this old vision is being implemented today through a fresh and modern breath of the creative technology.

The Vicla Parquet Story

1938 – the year when the founding family had a visionary revelation:
to enrich one of the most antique materials, wood, as well as its essence
in order to bring distinction into the homes and lives of people through a high-end parquet.

Heritage and Tradition

To truly feel and see the Vicla story, just imagine an old oak tree that withheld generations of seasons. The roots that give it stability and endurance are represented by the family’s grandfather, who left his family the legacy of appreciation and love for the art of wood. In 1938 he opened the first family business in the field of wood processing.

Experience and Dedication

As time went by, just as the trunk of the oak tree grows to be more resilient year after year, the son carried his father’s vision forward. After acquiring international experience and extending into the industry of wood floorings, in 1997 the son established Vicla in Romania, refining even more what we know today about wood.

Depth and Actuality

An unconditional admirer of the work of his grandfather and father, the grandson brought a fresh breath in the creative technology and the aesthetics of product design through the depth of ideas. Just as the crown of the oak tree whose branches grow to be ever more vigorous year after year, the grandson makes up the family portrait through the filter of modernity and actuality that keeps the grandeur of the old vision intact.


Our mission is to give a unique character to any home by means of premium wood floorings offered at the best quality-price ratio.


Our vision is to call up the beauty of wood and to translate it into floorings of a distinguished character.

A statement of refinement for today’s interiors


Our esteem and appreciation both for wood and our clients is apparent in a product of an undeniable quality at a fair price.


The Vicla products provide a higher experience of premium quality. This is because we seek to provide safety in all aspects of our work.


Over 80 years of experience and knowledge in wood processing recommends us as one of the most competitive parquet brands in Europe.


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