Each model of this collection is a tribute to the beauty of the pure essence of wood. Just like a walk through the forest, Gaia treats us with a modern vision of the aesthetics of wood through cosy shades. The collection invites us to relax by offering warmth and harmony.


This collection lends the interiors an absolutely charming personality through the unique plays of almost surrealistic shades. Due to the models composed of bold textures and colours, if you choose the Messier collection, you will lend your home a fascinating and charming beauty of cosmic inspiration.


This collection symbolizes pure nature. The models in this collection lend your home a harmonious atmosphere. The floorings in the Antico Collection have a comfortable naturalness and are specially designed for homes with a distinct character.


This collection captures the beauty of pure, unaltered wood, with an outstanding power. Developed at an artwork level, the models in the Raw Collection successfully bring beauty and emotion into any home, providing an exquisite range of colours with a rustic look.


This collection creates an almost theatrical scene, customizing any interior due to the uniqueness of each model. As it radiates refinement and preciousness, Mozaic is the embodiment of pure refinement due to the play of spectacular shapes, joints, colours and textures.

Il Noce

This collection captures pure emotions, the warm and cosy atmosphere created by dark coloured floorings, particular to walnut. If you choose Il Noce, you will lend any room an exquisite, elegant look.


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