Il Noce

A deep and mysterious collection inspired by the symbolism of walnut, a tree with mystical properties. Il Noce radiates a unique mix of energy and calm in dark shades and stylish textures, lending a precious look to the harmonious environment that hosts it.

Featuring dark tints, particular to walnut floorings, the Il Noce Collection enjoys its absolute uniqueness, lending character to each room it graces due to the unique finish of each lamella.

Walnut is considered the upper class of wooden essences. It is not a rare species, but due to its beautiful pattern, specific colour and shine, it is one of the most appreciated essences of wood worldwide. It is a fine wood with a unique texture.

Its precious virtues are captured in Il Noce, a special collection of luxury and finesse. By varnishing the wooden material with a Golden colour, we give the walnut parquet an ultimate note of elegance and refinement, which lends any surface a distinguished look.


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